The purpose of the Scioto Art Trail is develop a deeper sense of community, foster community well-being and showcase the talents of Scioto County.

What is community well-being?

The Scioto Art Trail's working definition for community well-being contains a wide variety of concepts. These concepts within the definition of Community Well-Being include; social, environmental, livability, political, civic engagement, equity, economic, cultural and community connectedness. These ideas and concepts that are essential for individuals and communities to flourish.

There are values associated with these concepts of community well-being. These values include self-determination, freedom, personal growth, health, caring and compassion, accountability, transparency, responsiveness to the common good, collaboration, democratic participation, respect for human diversity, support for community structures and social justice

What is social capital?

Social capital is defined as an accumulation of the knowledge and identity resources drawn on by communities-of-common-purpose.

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