Mission Statement

The Scioto Art Trail strives to bring art to the community by actively encouraging public engagement in art, while advancing creative thinking by connecting artists with individuals, businesses and communities in stimulating and creative ways to build, sustain and strengthen community bonds and well-being of Scioto County.

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Vision Statement

The Scioto Art Trail’s vision is to increase positive ratings for community well-being by establishing a public art program in Scioto County. Public art in communities increases positive ratings for community well-being by increasing social connections, conversations, connectedness, creating public spaces and resulting in higher levels of social capital.

Core Values

Access: We believe that creativity lives in each of us and we advocate for all by being accessible and welcoming in our collections and programming.

Collaboration: We believe that by working with residents, neighbors, businesses and governments in the community, we can inspire.

Commitment: We believe in commitment to each other, our audiences, our neighbors and our community by being respectful, good listeners, communicative, accessible, dependable, and responsive.

Creativity: We instill our work and collection with imagination and innovation and foster creativity in our neighbors, partners and the over-all community.

Discovery: We explore and bring to light new knowledge, ideas and inspirations.

Diversity: We are committed to building an inclusive environment that welcomes and values diversity.

Excellence: We deliver the highest-quality products and services in all endeavors by being innovative, reflective, rigorous and attentive to community needs and by adhering to high quality standards.

Integrity: We carry out all our work by being responsible, accountable, transparent, honest, ethical and professional.

Respect: We respect our neighbors, partners and the environments in which we interact.

Service: We are a benefit to the public, partners and the community.

Stewardship:  We are dedicated to responsible stewardship and apply best practices to the care of the collections placed in our trust, as well as good stewards of our relationships, resources, assets and facilities.

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About Us

Scioto Art Trail

The idea and concept for this project began as a research paper in Dr. Sean Dunne's Senior Seminar class at Shawnee State University.

This project continues to grow and further the goal of community connectedness and well-being in Scioto County.

Mr. and Mrs. R&D Arnett

Mr. and Mrs. P&J Arnett

Mr. and Mrs. D&V Cooper

Mr. T. Tussey and Mr. G Mathews

Mr. R.H. Arnett

Barbara Yeager

and the many friends and family which have supported me in everything I do and have made me the person I am today.

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We would like to thank the following people for making Scioto Art Trail possible:

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